No Church in the Wild

Strange Beds

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014. Night.

As life lurched back into Layla’s body, she felt the warm presence of Emily at her back, wrapped around her, much as she had when she fell into the daysleep the morning before. The first words Layla heard was Emily asking “Do you like it?”

When Layla looked around, it became apparent Emily certainly hadn’t just laid there in the cot with her all day. Layla’s Haven had been dressed up with some hangings on the walls, an end table with an actual lamp to cast softer light around the room, and a rug. It wasn’t much, but it made the space a lot homier. Emily brushed past concerns about how she’d managed it all to bring up that Layla had mentioned needing a new bed with Emily there. Emily looked disappointed when Layla made sure to clarify that Emily needed a new bed, and told her “You know we’re not a couple, right?”

Emily reassured Layla that of course she knew they weren’t a couple…Layla must have lots of other things going on…but there’s no issue with making the home they shared together more inviting, right? And besides, if they bought a bed and shared it it’d be so much more practical and space-efficient, and of course Emily would worry about how to procure it and she’d just need Layla’s help with transport at some point… All in all, Emily’s arguments were fairly convincing to Layla.

Sabriel woke up in surroundings far more plush, but perhaps less comfortable – sandwiched between the cold corpse of Dahlia, still sleeping, and the warmth of the mortal she and Dahlia had fed off the morning previous. Extricating herself from Dahlia’s bed, Sabriel saw that at least the man appeared to be alive, even semi-conscious, and she slipped out of the bedroom to check on the other guy.

The other guy – Sabriel vaguely recalled his name may have been Alan – lay on the living room floor, some of his own blood dried on him, his breathing laboured. He wasn’t in immediate danger of death, but he’d lost a lot of blood (some of it still on Sabriel for that matter), and had been drinking a lot the night before. Deciding she could get the man out of danger, a flush-feeling Sabriel bit open a vein and poured some of her Vitae into the man’s mouth. He started to come to, grasping greedily at Sabriel’s wrist until she pulled it away from him.

Sabriel stood over him – shirt torn raggedly open, blood on her face and clothes still, and Alan stared up at her as she asked him if he was okay. He grabbed onto her leg to steady himself, tried and failed to get himself to his feet and settled for pulling himself up onto one knee. “Did you…was I…drinking your blood?”, he asked as he gazed up at her dazed and uncertain. Sabriel left him with a vague look or two, her number in his phone, and a command for him to call her soon.

Hearing Dahlia stirring in the bedroom, Sabriel practically sprinted out of the apartment, tearing off the remains of her shirt and using it to try and clean off some of the blood left on her as she left. Relying on her talents with Obfuscate not to draw too much notice, she started walking down Haight street to Layla’s haven.

Emily had been quizzing Layla on what they were going to get up to that night, and after a brief discussion about whether Emily had ever been to Los Angeles, Layla declared they were going to go rob some place and she was going to start teaching Emily some skills. They were just heading out when they encountered the shirtless Sabriel outside Layla’s haven.

Sabriel asked to come in and talk, and politely requested Emily go into the supply closet to find some of Layla’s clothes for her to wear. With Emily out of the room, Sabriel told Layla the story of how she’d fed Alan her blood. Layla was concerned – what if, newly empowered by the blood, Alan did something that drew attention?

Layla also shared with Sabriel the thought of maybe helping her repayPeter her Sire by coming to Los Angeles with her. Sabriel seemed a bit hesitant, but perked up a lot when Layla started phrasing it as being out of town for awhile, especially being out of town that coming Friday when they were due to meet with Jack again.

When Emily came back out, handing Sabriel some clothes she’d picked out for her, Sabriel went into the supply room to change and wash the blood off of her. Coming out, it was hard not to notice Emily’s possessive yet submissive body language towards Layla as she leaned against her Regnant.

Sabriel had her own ghoul to tend to, though, and sent a text off to Sophie as she left Layla’s place to head home…



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