No Church in the Wild

Lost Girl

Friday, April 25th, 2014. Evening.

Sabriel woke up near ravenous – she had been spending much of her time searching for Sophie ever since it became clear how much Sophie and Esti knew about the Kindred, and were willing to act on. Desi had grabbed up Esti some time ago, and ghouled her to prevent her from getting in more trouble, absconding with both her new ghoul and her new Childe, Robert, off into the countryside.

Her Hunger driving her needs, Sabriel didn’t notice she had a message waiting for her at first – she started off her night by calling up her regulars, saying a cancellation meant she could give them a session for a discount. She fairly quickly got her mild-mannered businessman friend Alec over, and spent a couple of hours sating both their hungers, though Alec left their rendezvous considerably less energetic than Sabriel.

Refreshed, Sabriel started catching up on her messages and found one from Dani, a girl who worked at Lacy’s Massage Parlour , Sabriel’s former employers. Dani’s message said she had a possible lead on Sophie, and when Sabriel called her up Dani said she’d heard the receptionist talking over the phone to someone about Sophie.

After making a quick call to Layla, letting her know to meet her in North Beach, Sabriel headed down to Lacy’s. It took some surprisingly tough negotiation with Mei, the receptionist, to get the information out of her, but one expensive bracelet later and Sabriel learned that Sophie had really been on a downward path and had started working some private parties Mei insited Sabriel was better off leaving alone. Sabriel wasn’t about to do that though, and managed to get an address out of Mei where Sophie might be working that very night.

Emerging from Lacy’s, Sabriel found Layla had a new ride – about as generic a hatchback as one can find, but probably a decent sign Layla actually had a stable fence these days. The two took off towards Pratt street, halfway between Chinatown and Nob Hill, and spotted the top floor of an apartment building looking like there might be a party inside – coloured lights, shapes moving, the muffled sounds of music.

The two vampires cased the joint and tried to figure out their best approach. Sabriel figured they best approach would be if she appeared to be working…and bringing along some rope and handcuffs couldn’t hurt in case Sophie wasn’t going to come willingly. A quick detour by Sabriel’s place had both of them kitted out in “work clothes”, and they started to explore.

They heard the heartbeat of a single human behind the alleyway door of the place, and thus decided to go in through the main entrance. They quickly discovered there was an armed and tattooed hard-looking young man smoking in the rear stairwell, apparently guarding it. Sabriel blinded him with some supernatural charm, and managed to get the young man burbling like a gradeschool kid with a crush on a cheerleader, learning that the party upstairs was a pretty nasty scene, that sometimes girls get hurt, and that it definitely wasn’t the type of place for a goddess like Sabriel.

Leaving the guard in a quickly growing puddle of drool, Sabriel and Layla contemplated about how to get more information about the suite on the top floor. Sabriel spoke to a resident on the floor below, who seemed cowed by the people above – apparantly, the top floor apartments were supposed to be vacant due to some water damage, but some tough-looking guys moved in a couple of days ago and started intimidating everyone.

Hoping to get some more clues, the two vampires called the cops on the top floor for a noise complaint. A pair of officers showed up, and the man who answered the door immediately slid out of the apartment to talk to them in the hallway. He seemed fairly practiced at talking to the cops, giving them plenty of attitude, but leaving them with nothing really to go on.

It did at least confirm that most likely there was something criminal going on inside, and from the attitude of the thug who answered the door, it seemed like they were pretty confident criminals. This was going to require some backup…



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