No Church in the Wild


Monday, April 14th, Early Evening.

Sabriel’s evening began pleasantly enough – getting ready to face the night, meeting with an old co-worker and trading gossip about the industry.

Layla and Desi, on the other hand, awoke to find a nearly feral Robert, covered in blood sweat as apparantly his body rejected all its Vitae over the course of the day. Layla took off to find something for Robert to eat, leaving Desi and Robert alone in her haven. Desi manages to calm Robert down a bit by offering him some of her own blood, which he greedily took and after which he was able to keep control of himself until Layla returned, an hour and a half later, with a poodle.

With Robert at least somewhat functional, they got together with Sabriel to head over to Golden Gate Park to continue their investigations. Desi spoke with some of the homeless who lived in the park – one of whom remembered seeing Robert, but didn’t have any firm recollection on who was following him. Meanwhile, Sabriel spotted a car heading through the park at night in the direction of The De Young Museum, and Layla realized the driver was Hyacinth, the Hound.

Sabriel and Desi went into the Elysium site to try and figure out what the Hound was up to and who was in attendance, while Layla and Robert stayed back. The De Young was relatively deserted on a Monday night, but they did find Hyacinth talking with .a a creepy child vampire they were unfamiliar with. The child noticed Desi, and they had a brief exchange before Desi went off, but Sabriel was able to lurk nearby unnoticed and listen into a conversation that seemed to be talking about someone that was causing trouble, and that both the Hound and the Sheriff were looking for.

After Sabriel relayed the intelligence to Layla, she decided to get in touch with her Sire, Peter. She met up with him at a Starbucks in The Haight, just after she stole a fancy new cell phone. She relayed the intel that the Hound was on the trail, and Peter advised them to stay clear of the matter. In return, Peter gave them a rundown on the female Kindred who might be likely to hunt in the Golden Gate park – unfortunately, he said it was hard to keep track of who might feed there (since in addition to being popular with the Circle of the Crone in general, and with many Gangrel, it was an easy site for traveling Kindred trying to stay below the radar to feed), but he was able to give a few possibilities – he did know that Zona and Anna Fisher were two Gangrel who seemed to haunt the area frequently, and he suggested any of the female Carthians who fed in the Haight might also feed in the Golden Gate Park.

Seeing they wouldn’t find Robert’s Sire any time soon, Desi decided that they couldn’t really wait too long on raising Robert from his Revenant status. They took Robert’s truck over to The Bohemian Club, where Peter said they stood the best chance of finding the Prince. Desi and Layla went in, and Desi bypassed formality to directly seek an audience with Prince Ashley Deane, who was lounging by a fire in conversation with a couple of other Kindred.

Prince Ashley indicated she had heard, but seemed to be in no hurry to get to the request. Helpfully, another vampire came up and introduced herself to Layla and Desi while they were waiting – Tiberia Octavius Julius. She felt them out about who they were and what they wanted, and offered to try to get them a word with the Prince. Having Tiberia intervene did, indeed, seem to grease the wheels a bit, and Ashley motioned for Desi to approach.

Desi explained the situation and made her case, and Ashley looked thoughtful but declared she couldn’t possibly even begin to consider it before meeting the revenant…


Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Late night.

Layla, Desi, and Sabriel found themselves in the middle of a side street in The Haight, tentatively chatting with the apparantly very, very newly made Rob Desola. He didn’t appear to have known who made him, and wasn’t entirely sure what he could do, he just knew he woke up the past two nights very, very hungry. He expressed some guilt for having killed the girl in the motel, but mostly he seemed afraid and cautious.

Layla relayed much of this via text to Marcus, who advised her to try and figure out a way the Movement could use Desola. There was some brief debate amongst the coterie as they decided what to do with him, but they figured the fact Rob was waking up ravenously hungry even after just eating the night before could mean he was sick, and thus decided to see if the Lancea et Sanctum could help with their blood sorcery.

The coterie arrived in the Mission District just in time to catch the tail end of a small Midnight Mass underneath Mission Delores. The coterie and a very nervous Rob hung out in the back of the basement where Cardinal Inglorious II was preaching while carving on a Hispanic youth. To Rob’s credit, he didn’t out and out bolt.

After the service was over, Maria Luna came and greeted the coterie, and brought them up to speak with Inglorious when he was free. Despite some brief friction between Inglorious and Layla, Inglorious was relatively free with his advice – little could be learned unless someone was willing to taste Rob’s blood in order to discern what they could from it. Considering the group had brought Rob over in the first place because they thought he might be diseased, Inglorious wasn’t about to do the honours.

Desi agreed to take a taste, and ended up taking a little bit more too in a moment of debauchery that made pretty much everyone but Desi uncomfortable – especially Sabriel. Once she pulled away from Rob’s wrist, she said his blood was weak and she could discern no Clan… Inglorious seemed to be of the opinion that this made Rob a Revenant – not quite a vampire, but definitely dead. Pitiful half-creatures, they could be raised to the status of full Kindred in a process similiar to the Embrace.

Desi was eager to play the role of pseudo-Sire to Rob, but Inglorious recommended some caution. Prince Ashley would doubtless want her permission sought just as if a new Embrace were being conducted, and custom demanded Desi have her Sire’s permission too. Plus, it would just be plain smart to figure out if Rob was even worth the time.

When Desi spoke to Maria, her Sire, the reaction was again one of urging caution and finding out just what they were all getting themselves involved in. To that end, they went over to the Lily Pond in Golden Gate Park which Rob had dragged himself out of the previous night. He described being jumped when he stopped by the park while jogging, but remembered very little of the whole affair. Desi changed into a dog and sniffed around, while the others found some boot prints in the mud where someone – a smaller person in women’s boots – might have dragged a corpse into the water.

The night was wearing on, so they decided to retire, but not before Desi had a favour to ask of Layla…could she and Rob crash in Layla’s haven? Seems Desi wasn’t quite comfortable enough with Rob to introduce him to her mortal friends yet…

Friends, old and new

Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Evening.

Layla got ahold of two other young Kindred, Desideria and Sabriel, asking them to meet up with her for some entertainment and networking.

The three young vampires met up at DNA Lounge in SoMa – part of The Rack and popular hunting grounds. They danced a little, and Desi took the opportunity to feed on a blissed out rivethead after they had retired to one of the quieter rooms in back to chat.

Just before they left, Sabriel got a few urgent texts from a friend she hadn’t talked to in some time, Sophie. Sophie pleaded with Sabriel to help her out with a friend who had missed her check-in, a girl named Rita. The address of the motel she was at was not far away, so Layla and Desi decided to come along.

Once Layla broke into the motel, they found a fairly grisley sight – Rita’s corpse, showing clear signs of a vampire having killed her during a feed. Layla immediately texted the Sheriff – her Sire, Peter Watts, while Desi started sniffing around (literally in some cases) for clues.

Desi found someone had broken into the motel room from the back, and when she queried the bag lady she found in the alleyway, she discovered the intruder seemed to match Sophie’s description. Meanwhile, Peter showed up in a foul mood, and after quickly taking stock of the situation told Layla to look into who was responsible, and that he’d send his ghoul to clean up the corpse.

After the ghoul (the long suffering Terry) arrived to make the corpse vanish – and Desi and Layla managed to scam the information on the man who’d rented the room, one Robert Desola, from the motel clerk – the Kindred headed down to North Beach to the brothel Sabriel used to work at to try and get some more information. Sabriel talked with some of her former co-workers, and found Rita was getting increasingly desperate, taking clients off of craigslist and the like. While Sabriel was chatting with old friend, Layla was getting favours from her fellow Carthians and managed to put an address to the name they got from the hotel clerk’s computer.

The apartment – near Golden Gate Park and inside the Carthian Movement‘s hunting grounds – showed signs of hasty lightproofing. Breaking in, they didn’t find any obvious clues but they could confirm it didn’t look like the resident was exactly experienced at the whole vampire thing.

They resolved to stake the place out, and not too much longer they saw a red truck come driving by with the licence plate that had been registered at the motel… The man driving it was clearly Kindred, and when he spotted Desi, she raised her arms…and waved a fairly friendly hello. The driver almost lost control of the vehicle, before pulling to an abrupt start and getting out, heading over to Desi.

They had a brief but confusing conversation where the man, who they were pretty sure was indeed Robert Desola. Desi confirmed his suspicions when he asked if she was what he was…and then he didn’t seem to be quite sure what that all meant, so backed up and headed in with a whopper of a clarifying question – “Am I a vampire?”


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