No Church in the Wild

Friends, old and new

Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Evening.

Layla got ahold of two other young Kindred, Desideria and Sabriel, asking them to meet up with her for some entertainment and networking.

The three young vampires met up at DNA Lounge in SoMa – part of The Rack and popular hunting grounds. They danced a little, and Desi took the opportunity to feed on a blissed out rivethead after they had retired to one of the quieter rooms in back to chat.

Just before they left, Sabriel got a few urgent texts from a friend she hadn’t talked to in some time, Sophie. Sophie pleaded with Sabriel to help her out with a friend who had missed her check-in, a girl named Rita. The address of the motel she was at was not far away, so Layla and Desi decided to come along.

Once Layla broke into the motel, they found a fairly grisley sight – Rita’s corpse, showing clear signs of a vampire having killed her during a feed. Layla immediately texted the Sheriff – her Sire, Peter Watts, while Desi started sniffing around (literally in some cases) for clues.

Desi found someone had broken into the motel room from the back, and when she queried the bag lady she found in the alleyway, she discovered the intruder seemed to match Sophie’s description. Meanwhile, Peter showed up in a foul mood, and after quickly taking stock of the situation told Layla to look into who was responsible, and that he’d send his ghoul to clean up the corpse.

After the ghoul (the long suffering Terry) arrived to make the corpse vanish – and Desi and Layla managed to scam the information on the man who’d rented the room, one Robert Desola, from the motel clerk – the Kindred headed down to North Beach to the brothel Sabriel used to work at to try and get some more information. Sabriel talked with some of her former co-workers, and found Rita was getting increasingly desperate, taking clients off of craigslist and the like. While Sabriel was chatting with old friend, Layla was getting favours from her fellow Carthians and managed to put an address to the name they got from the hotel clerk’s computer.

The apartment – near Golden Gate Park and inside the Carthian Movement‘s hunting grounds – showed signs of hasty lightproofing. Breaking in, they didn’t find any obvious clues but they could confirm it didn’t look like the resident was exactly experienced at the whole vampire thing.

They resolved to stake the place out, and not too much longer they saw a red truck come driving by with the licence plate that had been registered at the motel… The man driving it was clearly Kindred, and when he spotted Desi, she raised her arms…and waved a fairly friendly hello. The driver almost lost control of the vehicle, before pulling to an abrupt start and getting out, heading over to Desi.

They had a brief but confusing conversation where the man, who they were pretty sure was indeed Robert Desola. Desi confirmed his suspicions when he asked if she was what he was…and then he didn’t seem to be quite sure what that all meant, so backed up and headed in with a whopper of a clarifying question – “Am I a vampire?”


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