No Church in the Wild


Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Night.

Leaving Lucas’ haven, Layla and Sabriel returned to trying to figure out a way to get the box from Cardinal Inglorious II. After much debate, they figured they’d try and scout things out by attending midnight mass at the Subterranean Chapel.

As Layla predicted, within moments of descending into the chapel, they were greeted by Maria Luna. She expressed surprise to see the Carthian and the Crone come to mass unaccompanied by Desi, but the pair had a cover story prepared already – they had come to seek out Abbess Teresa Serra as part of a promise to Desi to assist with a task the Abbess had given her. Maria explained that the Abbess wasn’t always in attendance, but that she likely would be tonight. She also got distracted onto talking about how there were midnight masses every night, but that Cardinal Inglorious didn’t always lead them and that the Sunday morning masses remained the most attended. She also gently encouraged the two – especially Layla – to attend more masses and hopefully maybe find some purpose.

The sermon was somewhat lost on Layla and Sabriel – the Cardinal discussed the visitation of the angel who gifted the Sanctified with Theban Sorcery, and why, exactly, the Damned have been given the power they are. Is their power necessary to enable them to drive the flock towards salvation, is is their power part of their curse?

Once the sermon finished up, the pair approached the Abbess so as to not prove their cover a lie. The Abbess seemed bothered by their approach, but did share with them the task she’d put upon Desi – a neighborhood watch/take back the night type of organization was being put together in the Mission, and she wanted to ensure that didn’t happen…but without causing problems that would make it even harder to hunt. She refused requests for more information, essentially stating that the younger vampires could do their own footwork.

Hoping to be able to follow Cardinal Inglorious as he left, Sabriel and Layla struggled for motives to stick around longer. They lurked as Maria spoke with the Cardinal, and then Layla went to Maria to ask for advice while they kept an eye to see what the Cardinal was up to. Maria declined to give any real advice, saying she “Wouldn’t want to interfere with a lesson.”

Sabriel and Layla were running out of reasons to stick around, but just then the Cardinal motioned for one of the Sanctified to accompany him back into a room behind the altar, and the two of them left the room. Sabriel and Layla climbed up out of the chapel to take a position across the street, watching from their car. They soon saw the man who’d gone back with the Cardinal emerge and hop on a motorcycle before leaving, but didn’t see any trace of the Cardinal emerging.

Hoping to see more, they headed back into the cemetery. They both tried to climb a tree to perch in, but Sabriel got seen (and yelled at) from the street while she was still only a couple of feet up a tree. She doubled back later to just hide on the ground of the cemetery, and the two spent most of the night keeping an eye out…and not seeing much of anything. They left only as dawn neared, returning to Sabriel’s apartment (as Layla’s haven was still hosting their captives).

Sunday, April 27th, 2014. Evening.

The two vampires rose and said they’d meet back up in a couple of hours – they both intended to feed their new ghouls a little bit more tonight and both were feeling peckish.

Layla headed back to her turf in The Haight, first looking to hunt. She found an unfortunate pedestrian waiting at a bus stop, and pulled him into a nearby alleyway to feed upon him before leaving him dazed and confused. She then headed to Cole Hardware to get a spare key cut for her haven – and to stop to chat with the cashier. Layla pretended she had a new cat, whom she impulsively named Tiger, and the two bonded over their pets (the cashier had a dog), regardless of the fact that one of them was making it all up.

Sabriel wanted to get some blood quickly, so she headed down to The Tenderloin dressed to work the street and started strutting. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged man pulled up beside her and shouted “How much for a BJ?!” And soon after that, Sabriel was well fed. Knowing Layla would still be awhile, she headed down to The Condor to connect with some of her friends amongst the strippers there and poll them for any gossip about Hyacinth or Leon. She didn’t learn much new, except that sometimes Leon had been coming with a woman – the strippers didn’t figure the woman was any kind of romantic connection though.

Sabriel and Layla met up again to swing by a convenience store to grab more essentials for their captives, and then returned to Layla’s haven. Emily was eagerly awaiting them and definitely happy to see them. When Layla mentioned she was going to have a task for her – e-mailing the neighbourhood watch organization starting up in the mission district and maybe attending some meetings, Emily seemed very pleased to have a way to prove herself and kept asking if that was all Layla needed. Layla assured her all she needed was some basic information, and told Emily she’d release her at dawn to go find a computer to use. She asked if Emily had any id or a library card (she didn’t – she explained her boyfriend had all her id), but Emily reassured Layla that she’d be able to make it work.

Of course, when Layla asked Emily if she wanted more of her blood, Emily was very eager for that, too.

Sophie, on the other hand, appeared to be sleeping as the vampires entered. Sabriel moved over to rouse her, telling her that she’d have to drink more of her blood. Sophie gazed up at Sabriel from the little cot, and then wordlessly slipped onto the floor on her knees in front of Sabriel. Without breaking eye contact with Sabriel, Sophie put her shoulders back and her chest out in her very best porn star pose. Sabriel murmured about Sophie not having to do that as she bit her wrist and offered it to her ghoul, but Sophie just kept maintaining eye contact as she leaned in slowly and kissed and licked her way up Sabriel’s fingers and hand to her wrist and began to drink, making very noticeable and very sounds as she drank Sabriel down. Sabriel appeared a bit taken aback by all this, letting Sophie linger longer at her wrist than she had originally planned. When Sabriel finally pulled her wrist away, Sophie was sure to turn her cheek against the bleeding wrist as it was pulled away, leaving a smear of Sabriel’s blood across her cheek which she gathered up with her fingers to push between her lips while gazing up at Sabriel intently and deliberately.

It was about then that Sabriel became a little bit more aware of Layla and Emily standing a few feet away watching the whole exchange, Emily leaning in to ask Layla if she’d like her to be more like that. Layla quickly assured her that she wouldn’t like that at all, even as Sabriel was once again telling Sophie that she didn’t have to be like that.

It didn’t stop Sabriel from leaning in to Emily as she prepared to leave to give her the suggestion that maybe Layla would like it afterall…



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