No Church in the Wild

Party Girl

Friday, April 25th, 2014. Night.

Sabriel and Layla were pretty sure they knew where Sophie was – the only problem was it was in an apartment currently hosting a party attended by gangsters.

Layla decided the pair needed back-up, so gave Silky a call. Silky was struggling with some issues of her own – she had left Sandy in the care of an elderly woman who had died, and now Silky was trying to get Sandy back from the couple who had her now. After meeting with Layla and Sabriel outside The Milk Bar, Silky agreed to help them retrieve Sophie if, in return, they’d help her out with retrieving Sandy. A deal was struck, and the three went back over to Nob Hill.

The plan was simple – they’d go in like they wanted to join the party. Sabriel got dressed up in working clothes, and found something for Layla too, while Silky depended on her ability to just blend. They got some static at the door, but Sabriel poured on the charm on the gangster who seemed to be in charge and got them in.

It looked like a pretty wild party was going on – a mix of Asian gangsters keeping things in hand, and a bunch of middle class looking men indulging themselves in open drug use and sex with women who seemed far more like employees than guests. The apartment wasn’t huge, but there were several closed doors – some with more disturbing noises coming out of them than others.

Sabriel focused on flirting with and distracting the tough-looking guy who seemed to be in charge, while Layla and Silky tried to figure out where Sophie was. They found her mostly passed out in the master bedroom, looking worse for wear, along with a middle-aged man also nearly passed out from over-consumption. They struggled with how to get Sophie out of the room without attracting the attention of the gangsters, since they’d have to pass through the living room where most of the partiers had congregated.

They managed to pass on the situation to Sabriel, who took the task of creating a distraction in hand since she’d already realized she’d been working too hard to get attention to easily lose it. She worked on getting the lead gangster fired up to get him too focused on her to realize what was going on, but when he moved to take Sabriel into the master bedroom where Layla and Silky were hiding with Sophie, she challenged him to take her there in the livingroom. Too inflamed with lust to turn down a challenge to his virility like that, the gangster did, and him and Sabriel created quite the distraction indeed as she managed to pull the attention of pretty much anyone who could see.

With Sabriel and the gangster pulling focus like that, Layla and Silky were easily able to hoist Sophie up and pull her through the living room. Layla lingered for awhile, and not just because she’d never seen her friend having sex before – she was clearly disturbed to see her on the receiving end of that kind of sexual aggression. Thus while getting Sophie down to the car was easy enough, Layla was torn on whether a rescue mission needed to be mounted for Sabriel or whether the other vampire had the men upstairs exactly where she wanted them.

Layla decided to go back up, not only for Sabriel but to investigate what was going on in the side room where the most disturbing noises had been coming out of. She and Silky tied Sophie up in case she ran, and put her in the back seat of the car covered up, and then headed back up towards the party apartment.

When they got in, they found Sabriel was no longer in the living room and finding her became their first task – they cracked open the door to the master bedroom and caught a glimpse of Sabriel on top of the gang leader, some blood on her mouth, and much of Layla’s worries for Sabriel disappeared.

When they investigated the other bedroom, they found two men – one on top of a tied and very battered looking young woman, the other doing a line of cocaine on a side table. The two of them struck before the men really even realized what happened, incapacitating both men before they could raise any kind of alarm. Seeing what rough condition the woman was in – covered in bruises, cuts, and cigarette burns – they determined to take her out of there.

Layla crept across to let Sabriel, who was just finishing up with the now unconscious gangster, what they intended. Together, the three of them started taking the girl they’d found out, but encountered resistance at the door. Feeling the time for manipulation had passed, Silky and Sabriel set upon the guard at the door while Layla started running with their captive/rescuee. Soon after, Silky and Sabriel followed quickly in Layla’s footsteps before the gangsters could get coordinated, and the three of them converged at the car.

Which was about when they started feeling like they were being watched…a palpable aura of dread. The source of which suddenly became clear as Jack emerged from the shadows nearby…



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