No Church in the Wild


Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Evening.

Soon after rising, Layla and Sabriel headed over to the former’s haven to check on their captives.

Emily was awake, alert, and waiting eagerly for their return, while Sophie was passed out drunk on the cot. Layla asked how the day had passed, and Emily once again underplayed their hardships, seemingly eager to please. Sabriel undertook to wake Sophie, and got bleary eyed hungover responses from the former – it seems she’d taken advantage of the bottle of vodka to make the day disappear by drinking herself into a stupor.

Sabriel’s blood roused her and cleared her eyes, however. Sophie seemed to realize something was happening, accusing Sabriel of trying to make her fall in love with her. The vampires reiterated – gently, but firmly – that the two girls really didn’t have a choice. That Sabriel and Layla were trying to save them, even if it meant holding them captive in a windowless room and making them drink their blood.

Emily, for her part, was more than willing to drink of Layla. Eager, even. And she expressed again how she totally understood the situation and had no problem with it.

After locking Layla’s haven back up, Sabriel and Layla set to figuring out what to do about stealing the box from Cardinal Inglorious II and getting it to Jack. The prospect of the whole operation seemed to fill them with no small amount of dread, and even as they tossed around ideas about how they might go about it, they found themselves desperate to come up with any advantage.

Finally, the pair decided they’d call upon Lucas Brand, Sabriel’s Sire and a well-connected person. Sabriel managed to get ahold of him, and they arranged to swing by his haven in an upscale condo for a chat. They came in and were greeted by Lucas’ manservant who showed them into a fairly luxurious living room, with some jazz playing in the background.

Lucas expressed some surprise that Layla had come with, and also chided Sabriel for not visiting more often. But, some taunting aside, they got down to business fairly quickly and Sabriel asked for information. They haggled for a bit over what exactly Lucas could tell them, but he offered insight on both Jack and Cardinal Inglorious II in return for a future favour from both Sabriel and Layla.

Lucas went into discussing Jack first – they had something in common, considering they were both part of the Sanctified congregation that worshipped at Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral. He said that Jack had appointed himself as something of a defender of the faith – their congregation was no stranger to persecution, and the recent assaults against the congregation (including having a ghoul nailed to the door of the cathedral) had gotten Jack particularly protective. He was likely to react aggressively to anyone inside what he considered to be his congregation’s territory, and Sabriel and Layla were just the unlucky ones to get the brunt of it.

Lucas’ information on Inglorious II came from a greater remove. But he did figure that the Cardinal would probably be trying to imitate the previous holder of his position as much as possible, quite likely even lairing in the same place – Cardinal Inglorious II had only been cardinal since the 1906 earthquake, when Cardinal Inglorious I disappeared. He figured if they could find the old Cardinal’s haven, they’d likely have found the current one’s haven.

Lucas expressed some amusement at some of Layla’s gaps of knowledge, and he realized just how little Layla knew about her own Sire. He offered to fill her in – for the price of another failure owed. Although she debated going so far into debt, Layla couldn’t resist the temptation and took Lucas up on his offer.

Lucas was positively grinning as he explained to Layla that her great grandsire was, in fact, Cardinal Inglorious I. Layla’s Sire, Peter Watts, was the Childe of Rafael de los Reyes Berreyesa…who Peter helped Prince Ashley Deane destroy to take power, back in the ’60s. And Rafael, in turn, was a Childe of the original Cardinal Inglorious who established the Mission in the 18th century. Layla belonged to a long and illustrious heritage, if one interrupted by an incident of patricide.

With that little revelation, Layla and Sabriel went to leave, but Lucas told Sabriel to stay back for a bit. With Sabriel alone with him, he tossed her a local coming events flyer, and asked if she saw anything unusual in it. She went through some of the local shows and bands playing, before Lucas tersely took it back, and pointed out to her signs in one of the event listings that said a messy feeding had occurred in a local club and that the Kindred should stay clear of it for the moment. He cautioned her that she should learn to read the Cacophony if she wanted to avoid blundering blindly into things in the future.



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