No Church in the Wild

Jack and the Box

Friday, April 25th, 2014. Late Night.

Layla and Sabriel certainly didn’t expect to find Jack waiting for them when they got back out of the party with an unconscious prostitute – and it seemed that Jack didn’t expect to see them there, either.

After some initial creepy threatening posturing, Jack made it clear that he thought they were poachers on territory they had no right to. Layla and Sabriel tried to make it clear they weren’t exactly hunting, but Jack wasn’t having any of it. Layla asked what they could do to make it right, and Jack in turn asked “What can you do?”

Taking a moment to talk up her skills, Layla spoke of how she could get into anywhere and steal anything, and how smooth Sabriel was in social situations.

Jack took Layla at her word with regards to her B&E skills, and proposed he’d forgive the slight if they’d steal something for him. Layla seemed eager to agree, so Jack told them what he wanted – an old wooden box…in Cardinal Inglorious II’s possession.

The younger vampires blanched at that, but after a couple of questions (Could they look in the box? No. How long did they have? One week), they agreed to the terms and Jack shooed them out of his territory.

The pair quickly drove off in Layla’s car, overwhelmed by the prospect of stealing something from the Mission’s Cardinal. It took them awhile to figure out where exactly they were driving too – they refocused on the fact they had two semi-conscious prostitutes in their back seat, one of whom for sure knew about vampires and didn’t like them very much. They agreed they’d lock the mortals in Layla’s haven for the day, and they’d both sleep at Sabriel’s haven in the meantime (for some reason, neither of them fancied being asleep and helpless in the same room as Sophie).

It was only when they finally arrived at Layla’s haven that they realized Silky was nowhere to be scene – Layla texted her, and Silky revealed she’d rabbited at the sight of Jack, and Layla and Sabriel both regretted a little that they didn’t have the skill at hiding to do the same.

Sabriel and Layla pulled the two girls out of the car in the alleyway behind Layla’s haven, both vampires biting into their wrists to start a flow of blood to feed the two girls, who quickly roused and suckled hungrily at the offered wrists.

Taking the much more awake but dazed girls downstairs into Layla’s bunker-like haven, the Kindred explained the whole “We’re vampires” thing – not a shock at all to a fairly surly Sophie. The new girl, who gave her name as Emily, seemed to act accepting of it at least – Layla showed off her fangs a little, and Emily didn’t need much more convincing. Whether that was because she didn’t find it far-fetched to believe in vampires, or because she was being held captive in a lightless basement by two women who clearly did believe in vampires…well, that was unclear.

Sophie and Emily were told in no unclear terms they’d be locked in for the day, and that they weren’t to attempt to leave or they’d be hurt. Layla especially emphasized that they could never go back to their old lives and that they had to cut off contact with the people they knew before. Sophie seemed unimpressed, but that could just be the fact she was still high. Emily, on the other hand, seemed quite eager to please and to reassure the vampires she absolutely wouldn’t try to leave and that the narrow basement room with a single small cot wouldn’t be any discomfort at all.

Thankfully, Sabriel and Layla realized before they left that the humans would need things like food and water and toliet paper for the day, so they raced off to the nearest all night convenience store to acquire the essentials – along with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of painkillers for the wounds on the two women that hadn’t healed yet – before dawn got too close. They left the supplies with their two captive humans, thinking at the last minute not to leave the entire bottle of painkillers – rationing out a few, just in case. Sohpie had clearly gone from being terrified of vampires to being fatalistic about the situation and no one wanted to see where that might end up after a day to think about it.

The vampires then headed for downtown to Sabriel’s haven, getting there shortly before dawn. There was only brief debate about whether Layla should share Sabriel’s bed or not before Layla settled in on the couch and the daysleep claimed them shortly thereafter…



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