No Church in the Wild

Strange Beds

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014. Night.

As life lurched back into Layla’s body, she felt the warm presence of Emily at her back, wrapped around her, much as she had when she fell into the daysleep the morning before. The first words Layla heard was Emily asking “Do you like it?”

When Layla looked around, it became apparent Emily certainly hadn’t just laid there in the cot with her all day. Layla’s Haven had been dressed up with some hangings on the walls, an end table with an actual lamp to cast softer light around the room, and a rug. It wasn’t much, but it made the space a lot homier. Emily brushed past concerns about how she’d managed it all to bring up that Layla had mentioned needing a new bed with Emily there. Emily looked disappointed when Layla made sure to clarify that Emily needed a new bed, and told her “You know we’re not a couple, right?”

Emily reassured Layla that of course she knew they weren’t a couple…Layla must have lots of other things going on…but there’s no issue with making the home they shared together more inviting, right? And besides, if they bought a bed and shared it it’d be so much more practical and space-efficient, and of course Emily would worry about how to procure it and she’d just need Layla’s help with transport at some point… All in all, Emily’s arguments were fairly convincing to Layla.

Sabriel woke up in surroundings far more plush, but perhaps less comfortable – sandwiched between the cold corpse of Dahlia, still sleeping, and the warmth of the mortal she and Dahlia had fed off the morning previous. Extricating herself from Dahlia’s bed, Sabriel saw that at least the man appeared to be alive, even semi-conscious, and she slipped out of the bedroom to check on the other guy.

The other guy – Sabriel vaguely recalled his name may have been Alan – lay on the living room floor, some of his own blood dried on him, his breathing laboured. He wasn’t in immediate danger of death, but he’d lost a lot of blood (some of it still on Sabriel for that matter), and had been drinking a lot the night before. Deciding she could get the man out of danger, a flush-feeling Sabriel bit open a vein and poured some of her Vitae into the man’s mouth. He started to come to, grasping greedily at Sabriel’s wrist until she pulled it away from him.

Sabriel stood over him – shirt torn raggedly open, blood on her face and clothes still, and Alan stared up at her as she asked him if he was okay. He grabbed onto her leg to steady himself, tried and failed to get himself to his feet and settled for pulling himself up onto one knee. “Did you…was I…drinking your blood?”, he asked as he gazed up at her dazed and uncertain. Sabriel left him with a vague look or two, her number in his phone, and a command for him to call her soon.

Hearing Dahlia stirring in the bedroom, Sabriel practically sprinted out of the apartment, tearing off the remains of her shirt and using it to try and clean off some of the blood left on her as she left. Relying on her talents with Obfuscate not to draw too much notice, she started walking down Haight street to Layla’s haven.

Emily had been quizzing Layla on what they were going to get up to that night, and after a brief discussion about whether Emily had ever been to Los Angeles, Layla declared they were going to go rob some place and she was going to start teaching Emily some skills. They were just heading out when they encountered the shirtless Sabriel outside Layla’s haven.

Sabriel asked to come in and talk, and politely requested Emily go into the supply closet to find some of Layla’s clothes for her to wear. With Emily out of the room, Sabriel told Layla the story of how she’d fed Alan her blood. Layla was concerned – what if, newly empowered by the blood, Alan did something that drew attention?

Layla also shared with Sabriel the thought of maybe helping her repayPeter her Sire by coming to Los Angeles with her. Sabriel seemed a bit hesitant, but perked up a lot when Layla started phrasing it as being out of town for awhile, especially being out of town that coming Friday when they were due to meet with Jack again.

When Emily came back out, handing Sabriel some clothes she’d picked out for her, Sabriel went into the supply room to change and wash the blood off of her. Coming out, it was hard not to notice Emily’s possessive yet submissive body language towards Layla as she leaned against her Regnant.

Sabriel had her own ghoul to tend to, though, and sent a text off to Sophie as she left Layla’s place to head home…

Night Life

Monday, April 28th, 2014. Night.

Leaving the Elysium at The De Young Museum, Layla and Sabriel were both hungry enough to decide to go out to hunt together.

Digging Deep

Sunday, April 27th, 2014. Night.

Layla and Sabriel


Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Night.

Leaving Lucas’ haven, Layla and Sabriel returned to trying to figure out a way to get the box from Cardinal Inglorious II. After much debate, they figured they’d try and scout things out by attending midnight mass at the Subterranean Chapel.

As Layla predicted, within moments of descending into the chapel, they were greeted by Maria Luna. She expressed surprise to see the Carthian and the Crone come to mass unaccompanied by Desi, but the pair had a cover story prepared already – they had come to seek out Abbess Teresa Serra as part of a promise to Desi to assist with a task the Abbess had given her. Maria explained that the Abbess wasn’t always in attendance, but that she likely would be tonight. She also got distracted onto talking about how there were midnight masses every night, but that Cardinal Inglorious didn’t always lead them and that the Sunday morning masses remained the most attended. She also gently encouraged the two – especially Layla – to attend more masses and hopefully maybe find some purpose.

The sermon was somewhat lost on Layla and Sabriel – the Cardinal discussed the visitation of the angel who gifted the Sanctified with Theban Sorcery, and why, exactly, the Damned have been given the power they are. Is their power necessary to enable them to drive the flock towards salvation, is is their power part of their curse?

Once the sermon finished up, the pair approached the Abbess so as to not prove their cover a lie. The Abbess seemed bothered by their approach, but did share with them the task she’d put upon Desi – a neighborhood watch/take back the night type of organization was being put together in the Mission, and she wanted to ensure that didn’t happen…but without causing problems that would make it even harder to hunt. She refused requests for more information, essentially stating that the younger vampires could do their own footwork.

Hoping to be able to follow Cardinal Inglorious as he left, Sabriel and Layla struggled for motives to stick around longer. They lurked as Maria spoke with the Cardinal, and then Layla went to Maria to ask for advice while they kept an eye to see what the Cardinal was up to. Maria declined to give any real advice, saying she “Wouldn’t want to interfere with a lesson.”

Sabriel and Layla were running out of reasons to stick around, but just then the Cardinal motioned for one of the Sanctified to accompany him back into a room behind the altar, and the two of them left the room. Sabriel and Layla climbed up out of the chapel to take a position across the street, watching from their car. They soon saw the man who’d gone back with the Cardinal emerge and hop on a motorcycle before leaving, but didn’t see any trace of the Cardinal emerging.

Hoping to see more, they headed back into the cemetery. They both tried to climb a tree to perch in, but Sabriel got seen (and yelled at) from the street while she was still only a couple of feet up a tree. She doubled back later to just hide on the ground of the cemetery, and the two spent most of the night keeping an eye out…and not seeing much of anything. They left only as dawn neared, returning to Sabriel’s apartment (as Layla’s haven was still hosting their captives).

Sunday, April 27th, 2014. Evening.

The two vampires rose and said they’d meet back up in a couple of hours – they both intended to feed their new ghouls a little bit more tonight and both were feeling peckish.

Layla headed back to her turf in The Haight, first looking to hunt. She found an unfortunate pedestrian waiting at a bus stop, and pulled him into a nearby alleyway to feed upon him before leaving him dazed and confused. She then headed to Cole Hardware to get a spare key cut for her haven – and to stop to chat with the cashier. Layla pretended she had a new cat, whom she impulsively named Tiger, and the two bonded over their pets (the cashier had a dog), regardless of the fact that one of them was making it all up.

Sabriel wanted to get some blood quickly, so she headed down to The Tenderloin dressed to work the street and started strutting. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged man pulled up beside her and shouted “How much for a BJ?!” And soon after that, Sabriel was well fed. Knowing Layla would still be awhile, she headed down to The Condor to connect with some of her friends amongst the strippers there and poll them for any gossip about Hyacinth or Leon. She didn’t learn much new, except that sometimes Leon had been coming with a woman – the strippers didn’t figure the woman was any kind of romantic connection though.

Sabriel and Layla met up again to swing by a convenience store to grab more essentials for their captives, and then returned to Layla’s haven. Emily was eagerly awaiting them and definitely happy to see them. When Layla mentioned she was going to have a task for her – e-mailing the neighbourhood watch organization starting up in the mission district and maybe attending some meetings, Emily seemed very pleased to have a way to prove herself and kept asking if that was all Layla needed. Layla assured her all she needed was some basic information, and told Emily she’d release her at dawn to go find a computer to use. She asked if Emily had any id or a library card (she didn’t – she explained her boyfriend had all her id), but Emily reassured Layla that she’d be able to make it work.

Of course, when Layla asked Emily if she wanted more of her blood, Emily was very eager for that, too.

Sophie, on the other hand, appeared to be sleeping as the vampires entered. Sabriel moved over to rouse her, telling her that she’d have to drink more of her blood. Sophie gazed up at Sabriel from the little cot, and then wordlessly slipped onto the floor on her knees in front of Sabriel. Without breaking eye contact with Sabriel, Sophie put her shoulders back and her chest out in her very best porn star pose. Sabriel murmured about Sophie not having to do that as she bit her wrist and offered it to her ghoul, but Sophie just kept maintaining eye contact as she leaned in slowly and kissed and licked her way up Sabriel’s fingers and hand to her wrist and began to drink, making very noticeable and very sounds as she drank Sabriel down. Sabriel appeared a bit taken aback by all this, letting Sophie linger longer at her wrist than she had originally planned. When Sabriel finally pulled her wrist away, Sophie was sure to turn her cheek against the bleeding wrist as it was pulled away, leaving a smear of Sabriel’s blood across her cheek which she gathered up with her fingers to push between her lips while gazing up at Sabriel intently and deliberately.

It was about then that Sabriel became a little bit more aware of Layla and Emily standing a few feet away watching the whole exchange, Emily leaning in to ask Layla if she’d like her to be more like that. Layla quickly assured her that she wouldn’t like that at all, even as Sabriel was once again telling Sophie that she didn’t have to be like that.

It didn’t stop Sabriel from leaning in to Emily as she prepared to leave to give her the suggestion that maybe Layla would like it afterall…


Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Evening.

Soon after rising, Layla and Sabriel headed over to the former’s haven to check on their captives.

Emily was awake, alert, and waiting eagerly for their return, while Sophie was passed out drunk on the cot. Layla asked how the day had passed, and Emily once again underplayed their hardships, seemingly eager to please. Sabriel undertook to wake Sophie, and got bleary eyed hungover responses from the former – it seems she’d taken advantage of the bottle of vodka to make the day disappear by drinking herself into a stupor.

Sabriel’s blood roused her and cleared her eyes, however. Sophie seemed to realize something was happening, accusing Sabriel of trying to make her fall in love with her. The vampires reiterated – gently, but firmly – that the two girls really didn’t have a choice. That Sabriel and Layla were trying to save them, even if it meant holding them captive in a windowless room and making them drink their blood.

Emily, for her part, was more than willing to drink of Layla. Eager, even. And she expressed again how she totally understood the situation and had no problem with it.

After locking Layla’s haven back up, Sabriel and Layla set to figuring out what to do about stealing the box from Cardinal Inglorious II and getting it to Jack. The prospect of the whole operation seemed to fill them with no small amount of dread, and even as they tossed around ideas about how they might go about it, they found themselves desperate to come up with any advantage.

Finally, the pair decided they’d call upon Lucas Brand, Sabriel’s Sire and a well-connected person. Sabriel managed to get ahold of him, and they arranged to swing by his haven in an upscale condo for a chat. They came in and were greeted by Lucas’ manservant who showed them into a fairly luxurious living room, with some jazz playing in the background.

Lucas expressed some surprise that Layla had come with, and also chided Sabriel for not visiting more often. But, some taunting aside, they got down to business fairly quickly and Sabriel asked for information. They haggled for a bit over what exactly Lucas could tell them, but he offered insight on both Jack and Cardinal Inglorious II in return for a future favour from both Sabriel and Layla.

Lucas went into discussing Jack first – they had something in common, considering they were both part of the Sanctified congregation that worshipped at Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral. He said that Jack had appointed himself as something of a defender of the faith – their congregation was no stranger to persecution, and the recent assaults against the congregation (including having a ghoul nailed to the door of the cathedral) had gotten Jack particularly protective. He was likely to react aggressively to anyone inside what he considered to be his congregation’s territory, and Sabriel and Layla were just the unlucky ones to get the brunt of it.

Lucas’ information on Inglorious II came from a greater remove. But he did figure that the Cardinal would probably be trying to imitate the previous holder of his position as much as possible, quite likely even lairing in the same place – Cardinal Inglorious II had only been cardinal since the 1906 earthquake, when Cardinal Inglorious I disappeared. He figured if they could find the old Cardinal’s haven, they’d likely have found the current one’s haven.

Lucas expressed some amusement at some of Layla’s gaps of knowledge, and he realized just how little Layla knew about her own Sire. He offered to fill her in – for the price of another failure owed. Although she debated going so far into debt, Layla couldn’t resist the temptation and took Lucas up on his offer.

Lucas was positively grinning as he explained to Layla that her great grandsire was, in fact, Cardinal Inglorious I. Layla’s Sire, Peter Watts, was the Childe of Rafael de los Reyes Berreyesa…who Peter helped Prince Ashley Deane destroy to take power, back in the ’60s. And Rafael, in turn, was a Childe of the original Cardinal Inglorious who established the Mission in the 18th century. Layla belonged to a long and illustrious heritage, if one interrupted by an incident of patricide.

With that little revelation, Layla and Sabriel went to leave, but Lucas told Sabriel to stay back for a bit. With Sabriel alone with him, he tossed her a local coming events flyer, and asked if she saw anything unusual in it. She went through some of the local shows and bands playing, before Lucas tersely took it back, and pointed out to her signs in one of the event listings that said a messy feeding had occurred in a local club and that the Kindred should stay clear of it for the moment. He cautioned her that she should learn to read the Cacophony if she wanted to avoid blundering blindly into things in the future.

Jack and the Box

Friday, April 25th, 2014. Late Night.

Layla and Sabriel certainly didn’t expect to find Jack waiting for them when they got back out of the party with an unconscious prostitute – and it seemed that Jack didn’t expect to see them there, either.

After some initial creepy threatening posturing, Jack made it clear that he thought they were poachers on territory they had no right to. Layla and Sabriel tried to make it clear they weren’t exactly hunting, but Jack wasn’t having any of it. Layla asked what they could do to make it right, and Jack in turn asked “What can you do?”

Taking a moment to talk up her skills, Layla spoke of how she could get into anywhere and steal anything, and how smooth Sabriel was in social situations.

Jack took Layla at her word with regards to her B&E skills, and proposed he’d forgive the slight if they’d steal something for him. Layla seemed eager to agree, so Jack told them what he wanted – an old wooden box…in Cardinal Inglorious II’s possession.

The younger vampires blanched at that, but after a couple of questions (Could they look in the box? No. How long did they have? One week), they agreed to the terms and Jack shooed them out of his territory.

The pair quickly drove off in Layla’s car, overwhelmed by the prospect of stealing something from the Mission’s Cardinal. It took them awhile to figure out where exactly they were driving too – they refocused on the fact they had two semi-conscious prostitutes in their back seat, one of whom for sure knew about vampires and didn’t like them very much. They agreed they’d lock the mortals in Layla’s haven for the day, and they’d both sleep at Sabriel’s haven in the meantime (for some reason, neither of them fancied being asleep and helpless in the same room as Sophie).

It was only when they finally arrived at Layla’s haven that they realized Silky was nowhere to be scene – Layla texted her, and Silky revealed she’d rabbited at the sight of Jack, and Layla and Sabriel both regretted a little that they didn’t have the skill at hiding to do the same.

Sabriel and Layla pulled the two girls out of the car in the alleyway behind Layla’s haven, both vampires biting into their wrists to start a flow of blood to feed the two girls, who quickly roused and suckled hungrily at the offered wrists.

Taking the much more awake but dazed girls downstairs into Layla’s bunker-like haven, the Kindred explained the whole “We’re vampires” thing – not a shock at all to a fairly surly Sophie. The new girl, who gave her name as Emily, seemed to act accepting of it at least – Layla showed off her fangs a little, and Emily didn’t need much more convincing. Whether that was because she didn’t find it far-fetched to believe in vampires, or because she was being held captive in a lightless basement by two women who clearly did believe in vampires…well, that was unclear.

Sophie and Emily were told in no unclear terms they’d be locked in for the day, and that they weren’t to attempt to leave or they’d be hurt. Layla especially emphasized that they could never go back to their old lives and that they had to cut off contact with the people they knew before. Sophie seemed unimpressed, but that could just be the fact she was still high. Emily, on the other hand, seemed quite eager to please and to reassure the vampires she absolutely wouldn’t try to leave and that the narrow basement room with a single small cot wouldn’t be any discomfort at all.

Thankfully, Sabriel and Layla realized before they left that the humans would need things like food and water and toliet paper for the day, so they raced off to the nearest all night convenience store to acquire the essentials – along with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of painkillers for the wounds on the two women that hadn’t healed yet – before dawn got too close. They left the supplies with their two captive humans, thinking at the last minute not to leave the entire bottle of painkillers – rationing out a few, just in case. Sohpie had clearly gone from being terrified of vampires to being fatalistic about the situation and no one wanted to see where that might end up after a day to think about it.

The vampires then headed for downtown to Sabriel’s haven, getting there shortly before dawn. There was only brief debate about whether Layla should share Sabriel’s bed or not before Layla settled in on the couch and the daysleep claimed them shortly thereafter…

Party Girl

Friday, April 25th, 2014. Night.

Sabriel and Layla were pretty sure they knew where Sophie was – the only problem was it was in an apartment currently hosting a party attended by gangsters.

Layla decided the pair needed back-up, so gave Silky a call. Silky was struggling with some issues of her own – she had left Sandy in the care of an elderly woman who had died, and now Silky was trying to get Sandy back from the couple who had her now. After meeting with Layla and Sabriel outside The Milk Bar, Silky agreed to help them retrieve Sophie if, in return, they’d help her out with retrieving Sandy. A deal was struck, and the three went back over to Nob Hill.

The plan was simple – they’d go in like they wanted to join the party. Sabriel got dressed up in working clothes, and found something for Layla too, while Silky depended on her ability to just blend. They got some static at the door, but Sabriel poured on the charm on the gangster who seemed to be in charge and got them in.

It looked like a pretty wild party was going on – a mix of Asian gangsters keeping things in hand, and a bunch of middle class looking men indulging themselves in open drug use and sex with women who seemed far more like employees than guests. The apartment wasn’t huge, but there were several closed doors – some with more disturbing noises coming out of them than others.

Sabriel focused on flirting with and distracting the tough-looking guy who seemed to be in charge, while Layla and Silky tried to figure out where Sophie was. They found her mostly passed out in the master bedroom, looking worse for wear, along with a middle-aged man also nearly passed out from over-consumption. They struggled with how to get Sophie out of the room without attracting the attention of the gangsters, since they’d have to pass through the living room where most of the partiers had congregated.

They managed to pass on the situation to Sabriel, who took the task of creating a distraction in hand since she’d already realized she’d been working too hard to get attention to easily lose it. She worked on getting the lead gangster fired up to get him too focused on her to realize what was going on, but when he moved to take Sabriel into the master bedroom where Layla and Silky were hiding with Sophie, she challenged him to take her there in the livingroom. Too inflamed with lust to turn down a challenge to his virility like that, the gangster did, and him and Sabriel created quite the distraction indeed as she managed to pull the attention of pretty much anyone who could see.

With Sabriel and the gangster pulling focus like that, Layla and Silky were easily able to hoist Sophie up and pull her through the living room. Layla lingered for awhile, and not just because she’d never seen her friend having sex before – she was clearly disturbed to see her on the receiving end of that kind of sexual aggression. Thus while getting Sophie down to the car was easy enough, Layla was torn on whether a rescue mission needed to be mounted for Sabriel or whether the other vampire had the men upstairs exactly where she wanted them.

Layla decided to go back up, not only for Sabriel but to investigate what was going on in the side room where the most disturbing noises had been coming out of. She and Silky tied Sophie up in case she ran, and put her in the back seat of the car covered up, and then headed back up towards the party apartment.

When they got in, they found Sabriel was no longer in the living room and finding her became their first task – they cracked open the door to the master bedroom and caught a glimpse of Sabriel on top of the gang leader, some blood on her mouth, and much of Layla’s worries for Sabriel disappeared.

When they investigated the other bedroom, they found two men – one on top of a tied and very battered looking young woman, the other doing a line of cocaine on a side table. The two of them struck before the men really even realized what happened, incapacitating both men before they could raise any kind of alarm. Seeing what rough condition the woman was in – covered in bruises, cuts, and cigarette burns – they determined to take her out of there.

Layla crept across to let Sabriel, who was just finishing up with the now unconscious gangster, what they intended. Together, the three of them started taking the girl they’d found out, but encountered resistance at the door. Feeling the time for manipulation had passed, Silky and Sabriel set upon the guard at the door while Layla started running with their captive/rescuee. Soon after, Silky and Sabriel followed quickly in Layla’s footsteps before the gangsters could get coordinated, and the three of them converged at the car.

Which was about when they started feeling like they were being watched…a palpable aura of dread. The source of which suddenly became clear as Jack emerged from the shadows nearby…

Lost Girl

Friday, April 25th, 2014. Evening.

Sabriel woke up near ravenous – she had been spending much of her time searching for Sophie ever since it became clear how much Sophie and Esti knew about the Kindred, and were willing to act on. Desi had grabbed up Esti some time ago, and ghouled her to prevent her from getting in more trouble, absconding with both her new ghoul and her new Childe, Robert, off into the countryside.

Her Hunger driving her needs, Sabriel didn’t notice she had a message waiting for her at first – she started off her night by calling up her regulars, saying a cancellation meant she could give them a session for a discount. She fairly quickly got her mild-mannered businessman friend Alec over, and spent a couple of hours sating both their hungers, though Alec left their rendezvous considerably less energetic than Sabriel.

Refreshed, Sabriel started catching up on her messages and found one from Dani, a girl who worked at Lacy’s Massage Parlour , Sabriel’s former employers. Dani’s message said she had a possible lead on Sophie, and when Sabriel called her up Dani said she’d heard the receptionist talking over the phone to someone about Sophie.

After making a quick call to Layla, letting her know to meet her in North Beach, Sabriel headed down to Lacy’s. It took some surprisingly tough negotiation with Mei, the receptionist, to get the information out of her, but one expensive bracelet later and Sabriel learned that Sophie had really been on a downward path and had started working some private parties Mei insited Sabriel was better off leaving alone. Sabriel wasn’t about to do that though, and managed to get an address out of Mei where Sophie might be working that very night.

Emerging from Lacy’s, Sabriel found Layla had a new ride – about as generic a hatchback as one can find, but probably a decent sign Layla actually had a stable fence these days. The two took off towards Pratt street, halfway between Chinatown and Nob Hill, and spotted the top floor of an apartment building looking like there might be a party inside – coloured lights, shapes moving, the muffled sounds of music.

The two vampires cased the joint and tried to figure out their best approach. Sabriel figured they best approach would be if she appeared to be working…and bringing along some rope and handcuffs couldn’t hurt in case Sophie wasn’t going to come willingly. A quick detour by Sabriel’s place had both of them kitted out in “work clothes”, and they started to explore.

They heard the heartbeat of a single human behind the alleyway door of the place, and thus decided to go in through the main entrance. They quickly discovered there was an armed and tattooed hard-looking young man smoking in the rear stairwell, apparently guarding it. Sabriel blinded him with some supernatural charm, and managed to get the young man burbling like a gradeschool kid with a crush on a cheerleader, learning that the party upstairs was a pretty nasty scene, that sometimes girls get hurt, and that it definitely wasn’t the type of place for a goddess like Sabriel.

Leaving the guard in a quickly growing puddle of drool, Sabriel and Layla contemplated about how to get more information about the suite on the top floor. Sabriel spoke to a resident on the floor below, who seemed cowed by the people above – apparantly, the top floor apartments were supposed to be vacant due to some water damage, but some tough-looking guys moved in a couple of days ago and started intimidating everyone.

Hoping to get some more clues, the two vampires called the cops on the top floor for a noise complaint. A pair of officers showed up, and the man who answered the door immediately slid out of the apartment to talk to them in the hallway. He seemed fairly practiced at talking to the cops, giving them plenty of attitude, but leaving them with nothing really to go on.

It did at least confirm that most likely there was something criminal going on inside, and from the attitude of the thug who answered the door, it seemed like they were pretty confident criminals. This was going to require some backup…


Monday, April 14th, Early Evening.

Sabriel’s evening began pleasantly enough – getting ready to face the night, meeting with an old co-worker and trading gossip about the industry.

Layla and Desi, on the other hand, awoke to find a nearly feral Robert, covered in blood sweat as apparantly his body rejected all its Vitae over the course of the day. Layla took off to find something for Robert to eat, leaving Desi and Robert alone in her haven. Desi manages to calm Robert down a bit by offering him some of her own blood, which he greedily took and after which he was able to keep control of himself until Layla returned, an hour and a half later, with a poodle.

With Robert at least somewhat functional, they got together with Sabriel to head over to Golden Gate Park to continue their investigations. Desi spoke with some of the homeless who lived in the park – one of whom remembered seeing Robert, but didn’t have any firm recollection on who was following him. Meanwhile, Sabriel spotted a car heading through the park at night in the direction of The De Young Museum, and Layla realized the driver was Hyacinth, the Hound.

Sabriel and Desi went into the Elysium site to try and figure out what the Hound was up to and who was in attendance, while Layla and Robert stayed back. The De Young was relatively deserted on a Monday night, but they did find Hyacinth talking with .a a creepy child vampire they were unfamiliar with. The child noticed Desi, and they had a brief exchange before Desi went off, but Sabriel was able to lurk nearby unnoticed and listen into a conversation that seemed to be talking about someone that was causing trouble, and that both the Hound and the Sheriff were looking for.

After Sabriel relayed the intelligence to Layla, she decided to get in touch with her Sire, Peter. She met up with him at a Starbucks in The Haight, just after she stole a fancy new cell phone. She relayed the intel that the Hound was on the trail, and Peter advised them to stay clear of the matter. In return, Peter gave them a rundown on the female Kindred who might be likely to hunt in the Golden Gate park – unfortunately, he said it was hard to keep track of who might feed there (since in addition to being popular with the Circle of the Crone in general, and with many Gangrel, it was an easy site for traveling Kindred trying to stay below the radar to feed), but he was able to give a few possibilities – he did know that Zona and Anna Fisher were two Gangrel who seemed to haunt the area frequently, and he suggested any of the female Carthians who fed in the Haight might also feed in the Golden Gate Park.

Seeing they wouldn’t find Robert’s Sire any time soon, Desi decided that they couldn’t really wait too long on raising Robert from his Revenant status. They took Robert’s truck over to The Bohemian Club, where Peter said they stood the best chance of finding the Prince. Desi and Layla went in, and Desi bypassed formality to directly seek an audience with Prince Ashley Deane, who was lounging by a fire in conversation with a couple of other Kindred.

Prince Ashley indicated she had heard, but seemed to be in no hurry to get to the request. Helpfully, another vampire came up and introduced herself to Layla and Desi while they were waiting – Tiberia Octavius Julius. She felt them out about who they were and what they wanted, and offered to try to get them a word with the Prince. Having Tiberia intervene did, indeed, seem to grease the wheels a bit, and Ashley motioned for Desi to approach.

Desi explained the situation and made her case, and Ashley looked thoughtful but declared she couldn’t possibly even begin to consider it before meeting the revenant…


Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Late night.

Layla, Desi, and Sabriel found themselves in the middle of a side street in The Haight, tentatively chatting with the apparantly very, very newly made Rob Desola. He didn’t appear to have known who made him, and wasn’t entirely sure what he could do, he just knew he woke up the past two nights very, very hungry. He expressed some guilt for having killed the girl in the motel, but mostly he seemed afraid and cautious.

Layla relayed much of this via text to Marcus, who advised her to try and figure out a way the Movement could use Desola. There was some brief debate amongst the coterie as they decided what to do with him, but they figured the fact Rob was waking up ravenously hungry even after just eating the night before could mean he was sick, and thus decided to see if the Lancea et Sanctum could help with their blood sorcery.

The coterie arrived in the Mission District just in time to catch the tail end of a small Midnight Mass underneath Mission Delores. The coterie and a very nervous Rob hung out in the back of the basement where Cardinal Inglorious II was preaching while carving on a Hispanic youth. To Rob’s credit, he didn’t out and out bolt.

After the service was over, Maria Luna came and greeted the coterie, and brought them up to speak with Inglorious when he was free. Despite some brief friction between Inglorious and Layla, Inglorious was relatively free with his advice – little could be learned unless someone was willing to taste Rob’s blood in order to discern what they could from it. Considering the group had brought Rob over in the first place because they thought he might be diseased, Inglorious wasn’t about to do the honours.

Desi agreed to take a taste, and ended up taking a little bit more too in a moment of debauchery that made pretty much everyone but Desi uncomfortable – especially Sabriel. Once she pulled away from Rob’s wrist, she said his blood was weak and she could discern no Clan… Inglorious seemed to be of the opinion that this made Rob a Revenant – not quite a vampire, but definitely dead. Pitiful half-creatures, they could be raised to the status of full Kindred in a process similiar to the Embrace.

Desi was eager to play the role of pseudo-Sire to Rob, but Inglorious recommended some caution. Prince Ashley would doubtless want her permission sought just as if a new Embrace were being conducted, and custom demanded Desi have her Sire’s permission too. Plus, it would just be plain smart to figure out if Rob was even worth the time.

When Desi spoke to Maria, her Sire, the reaction was again one of urging caution and finding out just what they were all getting themselves involved in. To that end, they went over to the Lily Pond in Golden Gate Park which Rob had dragged himself out of the previous night. He described being jumped when he stopped by the park while jogging, but remembered very little of the whole affair. Desi changed into a dog and sniffed around, while the others found some boot prints in the mud where someone – a smaller person in women’s boots – might have dragged a corpse into the water.

The night was wearing on, so they decided to retire, but not before Desi had a favour to ask of Layla…could she and Rob crash in Layla’s haven? Seems Desi wasn’t quite comfortable enough with Rob to introduce him to her mortal friends yet…


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